Harbin Electric International is a reliable partner for efficient and innovative energy solutions. Our aim is to Operate and maintain the Plant to provide associated O&M Services, while ensuring world class standards in Quality, Health, Safety, Environment.  Our Core Values. HSE Commitment; Client Focus; Excellence; Leadership; Teamwork; Loyalty & Integrity; Empowerment to heighten the quality of life of all stakeholders through emphasis on developing energy efficient power plants and ensuring balance between low environmental impact and low cost of ownership for the power plant owners, resulting in reliable power at reasonable costs to the consumers.

Message from CEO

Dear Colleagues

It’s our 1st O&M experience .  We started out with the ambition and the goal to exceed the expectations and am sure we will make it, may be not immediately but absolutely and definitely . We do not need magic to make things better , we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to excel and make things better, am sure.

I don’t think it matters how small or how big the task is, if you can do it just a little bit better than what is expected, you will be noticed and rewarded.  Process of Enhancement and Performance Improvement has been initiated to enhance safety, reliability, availability and efficiency.  Always Consider two very common words: “simple” and “easy.” These words are often used interchangeably, but I’m going to suggest that “simple” means that the steps to complete a task can be clearly defined. In contrast, “easy” describes the amount of effort required to complete those simple steps.  Remember failure and imagination – are crucial to success. While failure can help us understand where our true passion lies, and where we should focus our energy moving forward, imagination is what will propel us forward to empathize with other people so we can use our  influence to do good.

 We seek to open new doors by leveraging the latest technologies as well as demonstrating flexibility to emerging opportunities in order to provide innovative services that will meet the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.  Team work divides the task and  multiplies the success and as one team we must work together to bridge our political, religious and cultural differences, which is more important now than ever before and make our company a success .  Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success and my job is to ensure whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.

May God bless us all.